Jacques Garcia

Creator and owner

1947 Birth of Jacques Garcia.


1980 He becomes famous for the incredible decoration he realises in his private hotel, the Sagonne Hotel built by Mansart, located on the rue des Tournelles.


1991 He meets Diane Desseigne who entrusted him with the renovation of the most beautiful jewels of the Barrière Group, an opportunity for Jacques Garcia to create public spaces and to show his work.


1992 He buys the Château du Champ de Bataille to gather his vast collections of art objects, essentially of royal origin.


1996 He decorates the Hôtel Costes, a Parisian consecration! The Garcia style is born, sexy and “grand genre”, greatly copied. It is the beginning of a revolution which is going to change Parisian hotels and restaurants.


1997 He increases projects in the French capital. More than 40 sites bear his signature: the Fouquet’s, the Avenue, the Esplanade, the Murat, the Grande Armée, Ladurée…


1999 He publishes “L’Eloge du Décor” by Flammarion


2002 He becomes Commander of Arts and Literature


2004 He takes on an international dimension with the opening of the Wynn in Las Vegas, the Victor Hotel in Miami, the Reserve in Geneva and the Spice Market in New York.


2006 He receives the insignia of Officer of the Legion of Honour


2009 He restores the Mamounia in Marrakech, a pharaonic work of 10.000m²


2013 He publishes a second book by Flammarion: “Le Château du Champ de Bataille, 20 Years of Passion”


2014 The Louvre Museum: he designs 35 rooms dedicated to the 18 th century French furniture for the Louvre Museum


The Château de Versailles: 10 years of sponsorship during which Jacques Garcia takes part to the reorganisation and the refurnishing of the private apartments of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, and the Apartments of Mesdames, daughters of Louis XV.